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Delia Costica

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Avoid this company

Worst company ever. I made an order on 27 of November, today is 22 of December and I still don't have my order or a refund. I sent them more than 10 messages to find put about my order and each time they told me that I have to wait. I sent them 3 messages where I asked for a refund. On the first message they told me that is peak season and because of that it will take a little bit longer to get my order and that I have to contact the delivery company.I contacted the delivery company and they told me that they lost my package and that the company knew about that and I will have to discuss with Floryday for a refund.I sent another 2 messages to floryday where I asked for a refund but nobody answered. Avoid to order anything from them.

LE : They gave me my money back however no compensation for waiting 1 month for my Christmas presents which never arrived. They even had the nerve to say something like "you can keep the items and we'll give you your money back but please change the review" so basically they deserve a better review for giving me my money back for something I never received !!! And I can also keep the goods that were lost and will never be delivered ha! All of this after I had to buy last minute Christmas presents which everyone hated ! Will continue to avoid but thank you for not stealing my money as well...
19.02.2021 LE: Floryday gave me a £30 voucher to give them another chance. To this I added another £18 from my own money and made another order. This was never delivered. When I checked the Yodel website it said they were waiting for me to collect from their depot. The depot is 1 hour away from me so I can't go as I would get fined due to UK being in national lockdown. I called them and they said they attempted delivery which they never did (we work from home as we are in lockdown) and Yodel said they will deliver next day. Next day the order was still showing in depot so I called and was told at 12:00 that they haven't started delivering yet but will deliver my order on that day (Tuesday 16.02.2021). At 15:00 I checked their website again and my package was showing as being returned to sender. I tried to call them a lot of times but couldn't get through so my husband spoke to them on webchat, he spoke to manager Sameer Bakshi and he said that he would ask depot to deliver and not return and depot will email us in 24 hours. Nobody contacted us and order is now updated as being returned. This is my second order and the service has been awful same as first order. I am asking for another refund this has all been a huge waste of my time !! Avoid this company
Jueves, Febrero 18, 2021

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